Posted by: onawhimsey | November 6, 2008

The Artisan’s Shoppe

A new concept which shouldn’t overwhelm the viewer/buyer but allows you to browse in the comfort of your home was devised by Blockhead Rod.  You can just look at one item or follow the link to the seller’s shop on Etsy, you decide!  The Artisan’s Shoppe shows off works by 30 artisans on a rotating basis.  All items need to be purchased from the artist/Etsy shop but you will find a description along with the price which will include information on shipping.

I joined this merry band of talented people because I felt it was a super showcase to show off my own work and allows me to be introduced to others too.  For instance, Van Fleet Street Design.  Here the artist, Brett Ward, has a wonderful ACEO that is being featured at the moment called Mudheads.image

Her description reads as follows……

The Koyemsi, or Mudhead Kachina, is a multi-faceted clown borrowed from the Zuni, but he’s seen in most Hopi ceremonies. Mudhead Kachinas drum, dance, play games with the audience, and may act as announcers for events. They often give prizes or rewards for the races and guessing games they organize. The term “mudhead” comes from their masks which have mud applied to them. Most of the time they accompany other Kachina, and may appear as a chorus. On First Mesa, and possibly other villages, their songs are in Zuni. During the rests in a dance, they may engage in games with the boys and girls in the audience. The Mudheads also enact by negative example what should not be done. His purpose is to encourage those he parodies to right their wrongs.

This ACEO (a work of art measuring 2.5″ x 3.5″) has been completed using paper,acrylic paint and ink.

Two of my encaustics are being shown at the moment.

The first is entitled The Awakening #1 image

One of the teams I belong to on Etsy is called the BEEteam (beeswaxteam) and we are all encaustic artists. Each month we have a challenge and the one for October is called Awakening. I couldn’t quite decide what I was going to do until this #1 evolved.
The approximate size is 11.5″ x 8″ and comes without a frame.image

The other painting being shown is Cascades of Water

Can you feel the coolness and the spray from the water as it cascades over the rockface?
This encaustic painting is just under 8″ x 6″ (20 cms x 15 cms)without the frame.

So, hopefully I have tempted you to step into this wonderful Shoppe and discover the incredible talent out there!  Look forward to seeing you there.

Please note that this site is a sister site to The Artisans Challenge where you can view more work and vote for your favourite!



  1. I love the cool look of the waterfall very nice…

  2. beautiful work!

  3. Happy to visit you on your blog. You are one busy artiste!! I hope you’ll do a post (or just an email) about what you most like/prefer about encaustic as a medium. I’m fickle. First I liked watercolor, then was seduced by oils. Is there wax in the future? I really don’t need anything that requires MORE supplies, if you know what I mean. I’ve already got a yarn stash that is STABLE (Stash aquisition beyond life expectancy).

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