Posted by: onawhimsey | October 24, 2008

Economic climate today

I am sure I am not alone in saying that my sales have slowed down over the last few weeks.  Although the usual gremlins come to the fore in your mind such as  why doesn’t anyone like my work, is it too pricey, is there not enough promotion and so the list goes on.  Then I look around and listen to those in a similar position and realise it really is the economic climate today that is causing this slide.

People have to juggle what they have in their fund to cover basics first like food, electricity, transport etc before they can even think about anything else!  However, the holiday season always asks us to stretch ourselves that bit further doesn’t it?  How many time have you said to yourself, No, I will not be tempted and then?  Yes, you get tempted with that drat of a credit card.  So, I won’t even go down that road.

Many on Etsy are finding themselves in the situation that they are simply renewing listings, maybe altering prices to try and encourage the reluctant buyer to part with their hard earned cash.

So, in keeping with many others that is exactly what I am doing.

Today I renewed this small painting entitled Exploring the Underground Cavern. image

Whilst living in Ireland in the county of Kilkenny in Eire (southern Ireland) I came across some caves that had been discovered in the 1950s. These were now well lit with proper stairs so that visitors could explore and wonder at the sights they saw. That is what inspired me to create this painting.  I love the way the waxes have allowed me to bring in so many different angles of light.  It leaves the viewer wondering whether the light is artificial or appearing through from some apertures from above.

This encaustic painting is 6″ x 4″ (15 cms x 10 cms) and has been created using my faithful iron.  Let’s see what you think?



  1. Love the feeling of this piece Pat.

  2. ahhhh, the dreaded self-talk! You are not alone my dear.

    I really like your transition from others who cannot purchase, to your work.

    The cost of gasoline (petrol) is steadily declining so that’s a good thing! It now costs me 30.00 to fill the van rather than 60.00 !! A little savings there…but not trusted, as I am waiting for the price to steadily climb again.

    Anyway, great moves there missy!

  3. This is beautiful. Have you seen the recent pictures of a cave in Mexico with giant crystals?

  4. Yeah! Don’t give into the doom and gloom! With the cost of gas coming down, people will have a little more money and be willing ot spend it. I hate the news scaring people all the time ( even me!) into thinking that the world is going to end yesterday! Hope you sales increase and love your paintings. wonderful colors!

  5. Your work is amazing! I do believe it is the economy. Sales are slow everywhere. Lets hope the holidays brings a little “lift”


  6. this was an interesting read. Thanks

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