Posted by: onawhimsey | October 4, 2008

BEE Team (beeswaxteam)

Whilst searching Etsy I came across a new team to which encaustic artists belong.  This team is called the BEE Team or you can search on Etsy by typing  ‘beeswaxteam’ for a tag and you should be able to see wonderful paintings by quite a few artists with very varied styles. image

Why not explore their blog at this link you will be amazed at what you will see!

I might have mentioned before that the team are having an event for October with the theme ‘Awakening’.  It will be very interesting to see the different interpretations taken on this theme by the various encaustic artists.  So far there are a few listed already and you will already see some of the different styles and looks.

Do check out this site from time to time as new paintings will be added.  This is also a wonderful way to discover other artists.

If you are looking for something original and just a little different for your bare walls, you have come to the right place!



  1. I’ll have to see what they got. I love bees and bee keepers. Bees give us three good things for one bad. and the bad is not that bad is you leave them alone.

  2. I just love encaustics, I will have to check out the site. I adore your ACEO called Swamp, wonderful color.

  3. neat ok going to check…

  4. Hi Pat, you left a comment on my blog early last week. I just got back into town after being at a Art & Soul Retreat for 5day. Love your work. I’m very interested in the BEESWAXTEAM. Please email me so we can chat more about this..Peace, Lory

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