Posted by: onawhimsey | October 2, 2008

Using my hairdryer!

Yesterday I decided to get my old hairdryer out.  Note I said, old hairdryer!  This one is ideal for blowing waxes and helps to achieve a swirling effect by pushing the waxes across the card in different directions.  Also using different colours you can achieve different effects.  For instance by leaving the silver or any metallic wax until the last layer you can ‘push’ it around until you have the image you are striving for.

Having recently joined a group on Etsy called the BEE Team (beeswaxteam) I am looking forward to partaking in the October challenge entitled Awakening.  Just sit and contemplate that word and think of all the meanings and different concepts it conjures up in your mind!  For my first attempt I have created this #1 by using my hairdryer to blow/push the different colours and shades to produce a swirling effect. image

Although a hairdryer is more than adequate for this procedure you can also use a hot air gun.  Maybe that will have to be on my Christmas list?

I added the silver metalic wax last because is has very different properties to the normal colours and behaves very differently.  This picture could be the mind awakening to the mystical senses around it which swirl this way and that.  It would be interesting to read what other images you discover in this painting!



  1. Oh Pat, that piece is just so beautiful. I draws your eye right in.

  2. Interesting post and absolutely gorgeous piece.

  3. Very nice colors and swirls. wonderful!

  4. This is really gorgeous, Pat!

  5. thank you for the scoutle invite! your work is wonderful!

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