Posted by: onawhimsey | September 30, 2008


In order to get yourself out into the wide world you need to be able to market yourself and advertise so that people become aware of you and your skills.

There are  a hundred and one ways in which to do this.  However, since I am fairly new to all this I have decided to take one step at a time. I began by opening my shop on Etsy.  Here I can display my paintings and offer them for sale.  This is fine but how do you get people to ‘find’ your shop?  It’s a bit like opening a bricks and mortar shop down a street; you have to advertise your shop to encourage shoppers to come and browse and then be enticed to purchase!

Apart from many Etsy forum entries under all manner of subjects under the name of On A Whimsey I have taken part in events such as the Etsy Challenge.  By asking/pleading for votes from many different areas such as blogs, forums, myspace, facebook, my own blog and website etc the name On A Whimsey was broadcast.  Other ways entail spending a little money but can be very cost effect too.  Namely, by creating different sized banners to be placed on various blogs that invite people to do so.  Also, creating ‘plug-in’ banners,again by invitation on various blogs, which are free and only entail signing up.

image A banner created using my painting entitled Cascade of Water.

By using my own paintings and manipulating them through computer programs I have been able to create different types of banners. Down through the coral skyscraper size There are advertisers to whom you pay monies or bid for space using different size banners.  This can be a good way to use advertising as a showcase for your works of art.  For the long, upright rectangle one I rotated an ACEO whilst adding the words of the shop On A Whimsey with the caption along the bottom ‘an encaustic adventure’.  By so doing the viewer can see immediately what the advertisement might be about and when they move their cursor over the advertisement the words appear ‘an adventure into the world of encaustic art’ thus leaving the viewer in no doubt about the subject content.  Going further, by clicking on the advertisement itself a link has been established to take a journey directly to my shop!

It is interesting to see how other artists engage with the public and encourage or educate people about their art.

Certainly, without the Internet it would be a much harder and not such an instant experience.  Quite apart from the practicalities of advertising I do find it fun to find the most innovative means of getting the message out – plain and simple!



  1. Very interesting, Pat!

  2. good stuff, PQ.

  3. great blog post Pat


    I have been really interested in the advertising industry for quite sometime and what I am trying to figure out is what works online and what does not. The above article is pretty interesting does anybody have any incite?

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