Posted by: onawhimsey | September 25, 2008

An English Series

Trying to get my head together again after trying so hard to garner more votes for the Etsy weekly winner’s challenge. I have had to through the towel in!  No, I am never one to give up… but hey!  Check out the link and look at Tropical Rain Forest.  I really don’t think I will get 34+ votes between now and Monday morning, do you?  Go ahead an vote if you think you can help.  I would simply love that!

Now, back to reality!!!

I wanted to clear my head and start being creative again.  Deciding on a subject was a little hard. However, it suddenly came to me that I could start an English series of ACEOs. Why not?  After all many of my customers come from the States and there must be several iconic views of England that come to mind easily enough.  So, with this in mind, I began to create yesterday!

My first one was of the Houses of Parliament.  I thought that painting them in encaustics would give a more of an impressionist view.

H of P on brown background

Houses of Parliament

Although Big Ben and the Houses of Parliament are clearly visible it still allows the viewer enough imagination to fill in their own gaps of how they perceive the image.


Next came something that is synonymous with London, the red double decker.  Here I thought I would try to convey a more traditional old red London bus.  Really don’t think the new bendy ones have the same ‘feel’ as the older versions, do you?

London bus ACEO brown background


You just smell the fumes!  Remember how all the windows used to get steamed up?  The bus conductor used to come around with that terrible contraption on his chest that he used to punch in some numbers and wind it up after asking you, “Any fares?” The machine used to throw out a paper ticket which had to be presented to the ticket inspectors who periodically jumped on around the routes.  In those days gentlemen used to give up their seats for ladies!  Ah those were the days.

Now to put my thinking cap on again and try to think of more views that typify England.  Doesn’t really have to be something concerning London.  So, I was perhaps thinking Stonehenge?  We shall see; watch this space!



  1. How ’bout a bobbie (bobby?), some squares, the Queen?

    The articulated buses in the states play “Lady of Spain” when they turn corners. Not really, but they should.

  2. I like this series.

  3. Nice blog Pat. Love the art work.

  4. neat im ganna look at that site when i have the chance

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