Posted by: onawhimsey | September 23, 2008

It’s like the race …..

….. between the hare and the tortoise, where the tortoise won!  I am still trying to run as fast as I can in this Etsy Weekly Winners Challenge!

When I created my Tropical Rain Forest  I was taken back to my early childhood which I spent in the Far East in a place called Bandung, Java,Indonesia.  I remembered the monsoonn type rains that came from nowhere every afternoon at the exact same time only to disappear later.  You could hear the rushing water and because of the hot steamy climate during this season everything grew in profusion.  That is how I came to paint my picture and I felt the encaustic medium gives it so much more depth and a vibrancy of colour.

So, if you so wish, I would love to earn your vote!  Just go to the link provided above and you will see a list of competitors.  Simply read down and you will come to my encaustic!

Thank you!



  1. I can smell the forest in that, Pat. Lovely

  2. I love rooting for the tortoise, although you are a fast tortoise! This is a lovely piece.
    Good luck.

  3. great picture- so cool that you shared your inspiration behind it

  4. Congratulations!… and well desreved. It is really a beautiful painting!

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