Posted by: onawhimsey | September 9, 2008

Work in progress

Have you had any pieces of work that you started but couldn’t quite finish?  Well, I have my room littered with those sorts of projects!  So, it wasn’t until I was asked the specific question, ‘do you have any work in progress?’, that I remembered this piece!


Some years ago I was lucky enough to have been able to spend some time living in Japan.  Mostly in Tokyo but also for some weeks in a beautiful city called Kyoto.  This city was full of the most amazing temples and gardens which really inspired me to start on this painting.  The hush of the gardens bringing you close to nature with just the tinkling of water nearby is incredible, especially, when you realise you are in the centre of a bustling, major city!  Ah, such peace which helps restore the balance of the soul.

So, once I have added quite a bit of detail using a stylus to complete along with some sponges, I hope to be able to present my Japanese Garden completed.



  1. PQ, I guess we all have some unfinished projects hanging around. But this one is beautiful and needs to be completed….. so get to work.

  2. Oh no, that never happens to me . I dearly love your imaginary landscapes, Pat!

  3. Pat, I am in awe of your Japanese Garden! It’s absolutely gorgeous!!!!!!!! I want it.

  4. Very peaceful artwork. How wonderful that you were able to live in such an interesting country.

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