Posted by: onawhimsey | September 8, 2008

Some old, not new …

Being Monday there are always a host of chores etc to have to come to terms with.  So, I decided to check out some ACEOs and show them the light of day again.


A beleaguered raft at sea – ACEO

 imageDo you remember the Kontiki expedition which was undertaken by Thor Dahl across the ocean in a wooden raft? As I was developing this ACEO it came to me that this rather reminded me of that. A large sailing raft trying to battle the wild sea.








Purple Pansy – ACEO

image A purple pansy could be a winter pansy which still blooms in the spring.










Dragons flying in the distance at sunset – ACEO

image The sun is setting and throwing its last orange rays across the land. The orange hue is picked up on the rocks but as we look up we can see the dragons way in the distance…. are they flying home?






All these ACEOs can be found in my Etsy shop of On a Whimsey as well as larger paintings.  Remember because of the nature of this medium each painting is unique!



  1. The dragon one is my favorite. How clever and different.

  2. The pansy is beautiful – thank you for sharing it.

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