Posted by: onawhimsey | September 1, 2008

The First Day of Autumn!

Where has the time gone?  September already?  Autumn?  Never mind, soon be Christmas, perish the thought!

Actually, I love Autumn because the weather does change to allow you to wear different clothing and the colours!  Oh my the colours are so vivid as Nature splashes out one last blast of all she can muster!


Do check out this painting

Gold Star Nebula or Autumn Nights 11 Fiber-Optic Starlights encaustic wax 36 x 24
created in my favourite medium of encaustics!imageThose colours just capture the essence of wet, drizzly Autumn evenings when colour is still to the forefront.

Autumn also turns to thoughts of trees, falling leaves but here is an image created in honour of our might oak which came about from little acorns!

Acorn Army
image The Lake District in UK  This picture encompasses the bleakness of nature in the wild….image
Whilst the bleakness of this painting captures the often stormy nature of Autumn
Barren, Stormy outlook image
All such a contrast to the steamy hot summers endured in some parts of the world.  Alas, not in the UK this year!!


  1. Looking forward to Autumn myself as well!
    I really like The lake District in UK painting.

  2. Your paintings are just beautiful! Encaustics are one medium I have never tried but I think they are so cool. Autumn is my absolute favorite time of the year too!

  3. I love autumn as well, just didn’t get much of a summer. :0(
    your work is cool beautiful!

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