Posted by: onawhimsey | August 15, 2008

Finding the right background for your painting

Whilst messing around with Photoshop and ‘chatting’ with a fellow team member ‘I decided to experiment with backgrounds.  Always striving for better ways to present a painting, hopefully, to encourage the viewer to experience the really ‘need to have it’ feeling. 

After all it is just like serving up a dish of the most delicious food; it can taste absolutely awful but look amazing!  Now, I am not suggesting that my paintings look amazing but are really awful…. No, I shall stop right there before I dig myself an enormous hole out of which, I will not manage to get out!!!!

So, within Photoshop is a feature that allows you to render a picture to show various types of background lighting.  For instance, floodlight, spotlight etc.  You can also decide on the colour you want which can enhance the painting.

It makes the presentation of the painting that much more fun and I have some of my latest listings from Etsy for you to look at and decide for yourself!

      Down through the coral of the lagoon with wall background

Blue ACEO #2 with lighted background  Blue ACEO #1 with lighted background

The above are ACEOs with slightly differing lighting for background.





Here are some paintings with a new look!

Submerged with blue background lighting Tropical rain forest on lit up brown background

Tidal movement against blue background

So, what do you think?  I have a way to go yet but I am very pleased with the progress made today!



  1. Wow, they are all so beautiful! I actually love them all with all the variations of light. Wish I had a better handle on photoshop!

  2. I really like the first one the best!

  3. Hi

    You are very good at making the wax work for you.

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