Posted by: onawhimsey | July 30, 2008


I have seen many folks using the promotion tool of YouTube….. it usually takes me a little while to join the 21st century… but I have taken the plunge!  On A whimsey is on YouTube!

You may already have looked at these paintings but it is in a new place where the world can look too!



  1. youtube does rule the world, its kinda freaky.

  2. saw you in an etsy thread and thought I’d stop by to say ‘hi’.
    Venturing onto YouTube. Sounds exciting. I’ll take a look:)

  3. Whimsey,
    Thanks for your comment on my blog. I am taking my first encaustic class at Art Unraveled(PHX, AZ) this coming Wednesday. Completely excited to begin getting a feel for this mediun as I have seen things in galleries that are spectacular.
    By the way, your work is fab!

  4. Oh, YouTube! I went through a videomaking phase my first year of college. They’re still on youtube (at least the least embarrassing ones are..ha)

    My username is theslasha.

    I’ll check you out! 🙂

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