Posted by: onawhimsey | July 3, 2008


Decided to join Dwanda and try to sell some of my paintings there!  This site is far more geared towards the European market allowing people to list in English, French and German!   There are sellers from around the world, USA, South Africa, Europe, UK – you name it there will be a country represented which does make it real fun!

I have listed paintings which are not listed in my other shop at Etsy.

I will let you know if I reach an form of success in this marketplace… wish me luck!



  1. Hello! This is Shelby from Adventures in Art. Have you found any success from Dwanda??? The only thing that really frustrated me about that site was that they show the oldest listings first. So, unless those pieces sell, your work won’t be at the top of the searches.

    I probably need to dig a little deeper and get more involved… but I’ve been having so much fun building my business on Etsy I haven’t had a chance! Thank you for your comments on my blog. You’re work is interesting. I’ve been intrigued about using the heat irons and such. Right now I’m just having fun being spontaneous!

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