Posted by: onawhimsey | June 16, 2008


A few folks on that wonderful site for all things handmade and of quality called Etsy, decided to have a count down to the official day of summer…. so they created a yard sale but with a ‘T’ instead of a ‘D’ making it a YART Sale!!!

So, in honour of this I decided to join in the fun too.  A special Yart Section was created for the period 11 June – 20 June where ACEOs and larger paintings can be purchased for 20% less than normal!!!!!  All you have to do is either convo me and wait for a revised invoice or go ahead and pay – I WILL refund you via Paypal.  Then you don’t risk losing the chance of nabbing the picture you have had your eye on!!!

So, what’s stopping you?  Go On!!! Visit my Etsy shop, either click on Yart Sale Section or scroll down the pages to find any items listed with the words Yart Sale in the title.  Couldn’t be easier!


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