Posted by: onawhimsey | April 17, 2008

Challenge to WIN the Ultimate “ACEO Bounty” Prize

Having become interested lately in ACEOs I came across a thread in the Etsy forum all about a new competition called the challenge to win the ultimate ACEO BOUNTY prize.

First of all – What is an ACEO?
ACEO stands for “Art Cards, Editions and Originals” …a specific “size” of artwork measuring 2.5 x 3.5 inches in either Portrait or Landscape orientation …based on the Artist Trading Cards and other collectable cards.  It began when the general public who did not own an ATC were unable to trade therefore an ACEO was born which can be bought and sold or traded!  There is always a way around a problem or challenge!

The Ultimate “ACEO Bounty” Prize consists of all “ACEO Bounty” listings on Etsy at the closure of the competition.

The Ultimate “ACEO Bounty” Prize will be awarded to the last person to post to the “ACEO Bounty” thread when all other post activity ceases for a period of 24 hours …or such time as the Participating Artists choose to end the competition by way of a “Count Down

Meanwhile, the artist lists his/her ACEO as if they were selling because if the ACEO sells it is their profit – in other words this becomes a very clever marketing tool.  Should your challenge ACEO not sell it becomes part of the prize and will be given to the winner.

And so, I thought, after a lot of thought, that I would join in… this was after I was given some wonderful encouragement by other artists since I am new to this medium and just need to build up my confidence – don’t we all?

Anyway, one of the challenges was a general one to create an ACEO

“CHALLENGE: I challenge anyone to paint an abstract based on SPRING! 22Joanna” 

So here is my ACEO  ACEO Bounty Challenge



  1. onawhimsey …*applause*

    What a wonderful write up for the “ACEO Bounty” promotion.

    Very glad you joined in too …as I am sure many will want the chance to win one of your encaustic ACEO’s …even if they have already purchased one from you *winks*

    Belinda 🙂

  2. Welcome to ACEO Bounty. Hope you are having fun.

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